Why Candela Automation?

By installing Candela Automation each user is able to control the power of
home equipments from anywhere in the world.


The mankind always tries to master the space and time from the time immemorial. Scientists traveled along this route some distance. Even now researches are being conducted in this direction. The emerging technological development called IoT (internet of things) is a great landmark which proves that there are positive results for the efforts to master the space and time.

The first internet revolution brought the world to our living room. We could gather any information under the sun and could contact anyone who lives any part of the world through it.

The second stage of this revolution helped us to reduce the pressure of our day to day work by helping us in virtual transactions.

The third stage of Internet 'revolution' started supporting us by controlling the Electronic and physical devices in our home or office. When we are out of our home or office, we are incapable of switch on/off the various devices there. Often we want to check the performance of these devices too. Now IoT enhances us to control these devices from anywhere.

Features of Candela Automation